Recover Crashed Hard Drive

How to recover crashed hard drive data? Hard drives get crashed due to various reasons, and as a result, data in it becomes inaccessible. But, luckily Recover My Hard Drive software recovers entire data from the crahsed hard drive in couple of minutes. Download the trial version of the software that recovers and previews the recovered files before you purchase the tool. Try now!!!


How to recover data after a system crash?

It is the key question for worry to many computer users over the globe. Losing important documents due to system crash makes you feel cheated by technology. But need not worry – you can easily restore files from crashed hard drive using data recovery software. It will help you in getting back whole files and folders from the hard drive after the operating system crashes down. These data recovery tools will also help to perform Mac hard drive restoration to get back lost documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, media files and lot more.

Operating system crash problem is very less and happens rarely. Your desktop or laptop will stop responding after a system crash. The first and recommended solution is to reinstall an operating system. It will solve the problem and your personal computer will start working again. However, the major issue that comes is data loss. Reinstalling Windows or other OS will result in formatting of hard drive partition thus deleting all data from that particular partition. Think what could happen if you have stored the most vital information on that partition only or your hard drive has only one partition. In such scenarios, you will not reinstall Windows on your PC. The ultimate solution is to use Recover Windows tool to undelete HDD partition data after a Windows crash. This software has been widely accepted for the laptop hard drive data recovery after system restore.

The foremost reason for system crash is hard drive corruption. Due to improper system shutdown or accidental reboots, bad sectors are created on the hard disk. These bad sectors do not allow Windows or any other OS to read and write data from that particular sector. Thus, your desktop or laptop will hang suddenly and even crashes down. Virus or Malware attack is another reason for a Windows crash. These applications make uneven changes to system files and headers, which again makes PC to stop responding. Crashed hard drive can bring you a lot of trouble as you might lose some or all of the precious documents and emails stored on your personal computer. Thus to make things better, you need to use Windows recovery software to retrieve data from hard drive with bad sectors. MBR(Master Boot Recover) corruption is one of the main reason for a loss of data from the hard disk drives, you can use this software to recover data from Hitachi hard drive after MBR corruption occurs due to virus infection or improper shutdown. MFT file damage may also cause loss of data from hard drive, this tool will aid you to carry out Western Digital hard drive data recovery after MFT corruption. Apart from all this, the software will help you in retrieving lost partition after the system restore in Windows OS. For detailed information, visit here

Moreover, formatting a hard disk drive without taking proper backup of essential files and folders also causes a huge data loss to the users. Generally, the users format their hard drive to fix minor errors or to re-install the operating system. Formatting a hard drive erases the stored data, and if you don't have any backup file then you can not restore your important data. So to solve this problem of data loss and to execute recovery of formatted hard drive data use this data recovery software. Using this tool, you can also perform SSD hard drive recovery on your own.

You can download and install the software on a healthy computer having Windows OS. Connect the crashed hard drive to this computer and carry out few steps to recover data:

Steps to recover crashed hard drive:

Step 1: Open the software by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut or selecting it from Programs menu. You will see the main screen as shown in Fig A

Recover Crashed Hard Drive Data - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Click on "Recover Partitions/Drives" option. The tool will now search all the drives on the computer and brings a list of available disks. Select the crashed hard disk from this list and click "Next" as shown in Fig B

Recover Crashed Hard Drive Data - Select Crashed Hard Disk

Fig B: Select Crashed Hard Disk

Step 3: After successful scanning of crashed hard drive, it will show you a list of the recovered files and folders as shown in Fig C

Recover Crashed Hard Drive Data - Data View of Recovered Files

Fig C: Data View of Recovered Files

Step 4: Choose the destination folder in which you want to save the recovered data from the crashed hard drive. Finally, click on "Save" button as shown in Fig D

Recover Crashed Hard Drive Data - Save Data

Fig D: Save Data

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