Windows 10 Crashed Hard Drive Data Recovery


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  • Windows 10 offers a clean upgrade from its genuine predecessor versions without making any kind of damage to existing data. Changes that are being made will be on application level itself. Anyhow, many users have already started thinking about various possibilities of data loss pertaining to a Windows 10 hard drive. Hard drive crash is one of the major issues among that. If a user thinks that how to recover data from a crashed hard drive Windows 10, nobody can blame him because a hard drive is supposed to crash any time irrespective of operating system being used.

    Before, upgrading to Windows 10 itself, most of the users may start thinking about preventions to avoid data loss from Windows 10 hard drive. For that purpose, they utilize their time to take data backups on external devices. Well, it is supposed to be a good move. Its reason is none other than nobody can prevent certain types of hard drive failures to an extent.

    Suppose your hard drive got crashed after upgrading to Windows 10. What will you do first? If you have a proper backup, it will not be a problem at all. But imagine you haven’t taken any backup till this time? Here, you have to know the fact that recovering data from a Windows 10 crashed hard drive is not a tedious problem, as there are easy solutions for this. Before going through such solutions, it is more relevant to find out some causes for hard drive crash on Windows 10.

    Causes for Windows 10 Hard Drive Crash

  • Device Driver Conflicts: If there is a problem with any of device drivers in Windows 10, it will definitely affect hard drive as a worst case scenario. You can usually notice a device problem by opening device manager. If there is a black exclamation mark on a yellow field, it is a clear indication of device problem.
  • Software Malfunction: Some software’s that are running on Windows 10 background can result in the failure of hard drive. Freezing of the system is the main symptom of this error. However you can attempt to resolve this issue by running “msconfig”. If the error still persists, your hard drive may probably become damaged at any point of time. Then, you have to recover data from crashed hard drive Windows 10 if you are concerned about the data loss.
  • Registry Errors: Several types of errors in System Registry are also a contributing factor behind Windows 10 hard drive crash. Orphaned registry entries, duplicate entries, corrupt entries, etc. are supposed to occur during installation, reinstallation or uninstallation of various tools.

  • System freezes, continuous rebooting of computer, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), etc. are some symptoms of a hard drive crash on Windows 10. You can try to get back his data from a failed hard drive, by employing certain tools available on Windows such as Restoration of files from file history, resetting the system, restoring using system images, etc. If you found that these methods are irrelevant to you, then you can use a tool called “Recover My Hard Drive” for crashed hard drive data recovery on Windows 10 to retrieve data without missing a single file. It is not just a hard drive recovery tool; this allows you to recover deleted files from hard drive on Windows 10 without any complex steps.

    Recover My Hard Drive Utility

  • 1. You can “Save Recovery Session” of this tool for resuming the recovery process later. It doesn’t require restarting scanning process; one can simply perform recovery from the stopped point.
  • 2. Recovered data using this software can be sorted on the basis of certain file attributes such as file name, file size, file type, etc.
  • 3. You can recover data from crashed hard drive on Windows 10 from different types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, SATA, etc.
  • 4. Don’t think as this tool can only used for Windows 10; you can use this for Windows 7 hard drive recovery on various hard drive brands.
  • 5. Restored data can be saved into any accessible drives like a CD/DVD.
  • 6. This utility allows you to create disk images to bypass bad sectors on the computer hard drive.
  • 7. It has the option to preview recovered data before saving them.
  • 8. Know how to recover files from hard drive after Windows 10 update with ease.
  • 9. You can restore Windows 10 crashed hard drive data from even RAID partitions like RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, etc.
  • 10. This tool can also used to get back data from external hard disk drives. You can continue reading on this topic by going through this.
  • Windows 10 crashed hard drive data recovery steps:

    Step 1: Download and install the free version of this tool on your computer. Launch the tool and select “Recover Drives” option from the home screen.

    How to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive Windows 10- Home Screen

    Figure 1: Home Screen

    Step 2: From the next screen, select “Partition Recovery” option and proceed to the next screen. You have to select your crashed hard drive partition from there from the list of available drives. After saving image file using "Save Image File", click on the “Forward Arrow” to start scanning.

    Recovering Data from a Windows 10 Crashed Hard Drive- Select Drive

    Figure 2: Select Drive

    Step 3: Now select "Open Image File" to select the saved disk image. After scanning you can view recovered data in terms of “File Type View” and “Data View” as shown in Figure 3.

    Crashed Hard Drive Data Recovery on Windows 10- View Recovered Data

    Figure 3: View Recovered Data

    Step 4: You can preview recovered files in a large view as shown in Figure 4.

    Restore Windows 10 Crashed Hard Drive Data- Preview Files

    Figure 4: Preview Files



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