Recover Hard Drive after System Restore


How to retrieve lost partition after system restore in Windows 10/8/7, etc.? Simple, just download Recover My Hard Drive software, and launch it on your Windows PC. You just need to follow 3 simple mouse clicks: Scan-> Select-> Save and all your lost data gets restored successfully.

  • System Restore is a process or method that allows rolling back of system files, installed programs, registry keys or we can say that it is a process to undo system changes without affecting the personal information such as documents, photos, videos, etc. It works by examining your system and stores the changes which are made to your system when you install a new software or application. When all these things happen, it automatically creates a restore point. System Restore can maintain multiple restore points and you can manually create a restore point. Suppose, your hard drive is crashed because of some issue, then you perform a system restore operation. After that you see, some of the important files were missing from your hard drive. And you don’t have the backup file. Then no need to worry, by using hard drive recovery software you can easily get your data back in just a few simple steps.

    It might be possible that you can lose some of your files or sometimes a partition also. Generally, performing a System Restore in Windows OS don’t make partition lost, but there is a possibility that your partition in Windows OS gets lost after System Restore. Then the question comes, Why to perform a System Restore process? Sometimes when we install new applications or software to our computer and if your computer starts working slowly after these installations, then to overcome this problem we perform a System Restore to get back the previous state of the system where it is working fine and smooth. When the system is Restored, it will come to its previous state with those partitions that are stored in the System before creating a restoring point. But it might be possible that the Partitions which are created after creating the restore point will be lost from the computer.  And sometimes, during the System Restore process, some error comes, such error results in damage of partition that is present in the System which results to partition loss.

    If the System Restore operation fails to restore the System then it may lead to Partition loss that is present in the System. While performing the restoring process of the system, you should not shut down the system because system shut down may lead to partition loss. Apart from this, there are many chances of occurrence of partition loss. If the partition of your Operating System is damaged or crashed because of a virus attack, then you will restore it and recover it with backup system data. So it is better to take a backup of all the partitions present in the system before System restore operation. If your partition is lost during the System Restore operation, then you can restore it by using the backup file. If your partition is lost due to System Restore and if you do not have a proper backup then no need to worry.  So in all these partition loss situations, you can use  Partition Recovery Tool which is the best retrieval tool to get back your partition. This tool is specially designed by professionals to recover partitions after System Restore in Windows OS. This tool has good features which makes it more reliable to use. And if you have other issues with your hard drive or your hard drive is crashed and you lost all your important files and documents. In this condition, you can use hard drive recovery software to rescue crashed hard drive data at your fingertips. Apart from all this, Recover My Hard Drive software facilitates user to restore WD hard drive files in a couple of mouse clicks. For more information, visit

    Apart from recovering partitions after System Restore operation in Windows OS, if you are having partition loss issues in Mac operating systems then you can use Mac hard drive recovery software. If you are having data loss problem with your laptop or if you accidentally deleted the data, then a software is there to regain lost data from laptop hard drive by simple clicks on the software.

    Detailed procedure to retrieve lost partition after system restore in windows OS:

    Step 1: As shown in Fig 1, after choosing “Recover Partitions/Drives” on the welcome screen, select either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option.

    Retrieve Lost Partition After System Restore In Windows OS - Main Window

    Fig 1: Welcome Screen

    Step 2: Select a hard drive partition to recover and click “Next”, as shown in Fig 2.

    Retrieve Lost Partition After System Restore In Windows OS - Choose Hard Disk Partition

    Fig 2: Select the Partition

    Step 3: Finally, the list of recovered partition gets displayed, as shown in Fig 3. Purchase the licensed version of this tool to save the retrieved partition.

    Retrieve Lost Partition After System Restore In Windows OS - Recovered Partition

    Fig 3: Recovered Partition

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