How to Recover MacBook Hard Drive?


Lost or deleted files accidentally from MacBook hard drive? Then, Recover My Hard Drive would be the right choice to get back all your data from MacBook. Download the trial version and instantly recover all the files from corrupted, formatted, or deleted MacBook hard drive partition. Download now!!!


  • When you re-install the operating system there may be the chance that you accidentally have formatted the drive in which important data present or your hard drive crashed due to virus intrusion. How would you recover data from corrupted MacBook hard drive? Is it possible to recover data from crashed hard drive? You lost your important files, photos, videos, etc. So what you will do to recover all your data. There is hard drive recovery software, by using the recovery software you can recover data from the corrupted hard drive. There might be many reasons for hard drive corruption so it becomes difficult for us to access the data from a corrupted hard drive.

    Sometimes you lost the partition also during partitioning or re-partitioning. By using Hard Drive Recovery software, you can perform recovery of partition from the hard drive. With the aid of this tool, you can quickly and easily get back Mac files in safest place. This software can be used in many scenarios some of which are given below:

    • 1. Mac operating system re-installed.
    • 2. Mac drives lost or deleted.
    • 3. Mac partition has been formatted or reformatted.
    • 4. Mac volumes have been recreated, resized or split.
    • 5. Mac drive corruption

    In all these scenarios described-above, this HDD Recovery software can be used. Mac Hard Drive Recovery software performs the fastest Mac partition data recovery on HFS and HFSX+ volume. If there is some data on bad sectors present then you can also easily recover data from the bad sector on your hard drive. For more information, visit What this HDD recovery software does, it scans the complete hard drive and makes a separate image of the hard drive then you can retrieve the data from this image and save at any safe place in your MacBook. It does not make any changes to the corrupted data or data present in the bad sectors. All the recovered Mac data in the lost partition is displayed in a tree-like structure so it becomes easy to save the data in your working directory.

    HDD recovery software works on advanced scan algorithm and recovers the data very easily. You can recover your deleted files from the formatted hard drives. When you delete the file, the best course of action is to stop using the drive immediately otherwise data may be overwritten if you use the drive further. Another important thing about this recovery software is when a file is deleted in OS X, it deletes the file name so you can’t recover the file using file name but you can recover the file only using the format only. There are different editions available for Mac and Windows hard drive recovery or file recovery for each. When HDD recovery software recovers the deleted files and folders, you can preview the recovered files and then can save those files on the same drive or any other storage drive. This can be used to execute lost file recovery from the laptop. Apart from this, you can also use this effective tool to recover hard drive after deleting a partition in a short span of time. There are detailed steps explained below to know how to use the recovery software on your MacBook as given below:

    Easy steps to perform MacBook hard drive recovery:

    Step A: Download the trial version and install it in MacBook. Then start the software by double-clicking on the shortcut present on your desktop. On the home page, select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option.

    Macbook hard drive recovery - Recover Partition / Drives Selection

    Fig (a): Recover Partition/Drives Selection

    Step B: On the next page, select "Volume Recovery" option. The software will scan the computer and displays on the screen a list of available drives. Select the hard drive and click on Next button.

    Macbook hard drive recovery - Select the Drive

    Fig (b): Select the Drive

    Step C: Software will scan the selected drive to locate and recover files. After completion, recovered files will be displayed.

    Macbook hard drive recovery - List of Recovered Files

    Fig (c): List of Recovered Files

  • Step D: You can preview the recovered file and if you are happy with the results then you can activate the trial version. Then you would be able to save the recovered files.


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