Data Recovery from HP Laptop Hard Drive


HP laptop drive crash, format, corruption or failure - whatever it is, utilize Recover My Hard Drive software and get back files from HP laptop disk in few simple steps. Download the trial edition now to recover and preview the recovered files before purchasing the software. Download Now!!!


HP laptops and notebooks are getting hot among the users around the world after their success with printers. HP always come out with something best with every new release. No doubt why HP laptops are capturing market! New releases of HP are always much awaited by people around the globe. Have you got an HP Laptop, looking for solutions to retrieve data from a major loss? People having trouble on how to recover data from HP laptop hard drive often contacts a technical expert to resolve it. As they are worried to do it by their self or believes it is a tough task to accomplish. If you are one such person, we can help you to get out of troubles leading to data loss. You can relax by now as in a couple of minutes you will come to know “how to recover HP laptop hard drive?”.

Consider this scenario, after using HP laptop for two to three years, your laptop started freezing often, without thinking much you have executed the re-installation of OS but unfortunately you forgot to take backup of your system hard drive. How will you handle these kinds of situations?; You can easily retrieve lost files and folders from HP laptop hard drive using Recover My Hard Drive Utility. This tool also lets you know how to recover data from damaged Seagate hard drive with ease

What might lead to data loss from HP laptop hard drive?

  • File system corruption: This will lead to inaccessibility of files and folders in HP laptop hard drive. In these circumstances, you are left with no other option than formatting, which will erase all your data from HP hard drive.
  • Re-installing OS: When OS is reinstalled on HP laptop, you might have re-formatted a partition where you wanted to install OS. If you have forgotten to take backup then all the files and folders residing in your hard drive will be lost.
  • Viruses: Viruses are the programs that will impact the normal operations of your laptop and it can cause destruction to the files and folders saved inside your HP hard drive. As viruses may get attached to any file without your knowledge and there won’t be any sort of warning.
  • Improper shut down: While quitting a program from HP laptop, then all important data will get saved and will exit thereafter, but if you don’t close the applications properly, it will lead to loss of data.
  • Hard Drive crash: HP laptop can get crashed due to several reasons like the damaged header, bad sectors, OS malfunctions, hard drive corruption, etc.
  • Formatting laptop hard drive: Formatting your HP hard drive will result in complete removal of data; it takes away the entries in the file system table as result you can’t see any file just after formatting hard drive.

Measures to control loss of data from HP laptop hard drive

Avoid using HP laptop hard drive to store any files or folders before recovering lost data from the hard drive. Any overwriting will lead to permanent deletion of files and folders from your HP laptop hard drive. So be careful when you encounter the situation of data loss from HP hard drive. For small issues with HP laptop, Recovery CD along with HP will be of help. It helps you to restore to the factory version. Have to take a backup before using Recovery CD. If in case you have forgotten to take a backup, the best option you have is Recover My Hard Drive utility. It will restore lost data from HP laptop.

How to recover HP laptop hard drive data?

Recover My Hard Drive utility is specifically built to recover lost files from formatted hard drive occurred due to any reason. You may be able to retrieve different types of file like documents, photos, movies, videos, compressed ZIP folders, etc in an effective manner.  Ideal tool for those who are looking for how to recover HP laptop hard drive. It helps to recover data from all models of HP and other brands like Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Asus, etc. With the help of this application, you can also retrieve data from SSD hard drive with utmost ease. It is available for both Mac and Windows OS. Large sized files can be easily retrieved using this utility.

Salient features of Recover My Hard Drive Utility

  • This tool allows the quick scanning of your HP laptop hard drive, retrieves files and folders lost from the formatted hard drive.
  • Highly effective and interactive graphical user interface of Recover My Hard Drive utility provides a rich user-friendly environment allowing faster recovery of data from HP hard drive.
  • Using this tool, you can easily recover data from the external hard drive, USB pen drive, memory card and other storage devices
  • Demo version is free of cost for users, you can preview the files after scanning it, all other features except save feature is made available.
  • Resume capability is one of the most striking features, a user can save the recovery session, and this allows the user to restart the scanning of HP hard drive after any interruptions to the scanning process.
  • Preview option will help the users to verify the lost data of HP laptop hard drive prior to saving.

Guidelines to recover data from HP Laptop hard drive:

Step A: As illustrated in Fig A, after choosing “Recover Drives” on the welcome window, select either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” module.

Fig A: Welcome Window

Step B: From a list of logical drives connected to your laptop, select a hard drive partition to recover lost data from HP hard drive and click “Next”, as illustrated in Fig B.

Fig B: Select Laptop Hard Disk

Step C: Finally, a list of recovered data gets displayed, as illustrated in Fig C. Purchase the registered version of this tool to save the retrieved data.

Fig C: Recovered Data

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