Software to Recover Data from External Hard Drive



  • Want to recover data from your external hard drive? Don't worry! External hard drive recovery is an advanced data recovery software that recovers all your lost and deleted files from external hard drive in a couple of clicks. This tool is exclusively designed for all Windows and Mac OS X to recover deleted or lost files from external hard drives. This application is easy to use because it is designed with the simple user interface with which you can get back your lost data from external drives at your fingertips.

    Generally, the external hard drive is used as backup drives, they will be used to take backup of important files stored on the computer hard drive. Losing files from such backup drives is unbearable. Data loss problems in external hard drive occur when it gets crashed. This problem of data loss is quite common nowadays. There are many reasons for your external hard drive to crash. The common reason is the improper ejection of the external hard drive before it is disconnected. This causes huge data loss to the users. Don’t worry just make use of external hard drive recovery software to retrieve files from crashed external hard drive within a couple of mouse clicks.

    Bad sectors on the external hard drive are the main reason for data loss for many users. Due to this external hard drive gets scratches and data stored in that particular sector gets lost. Bad sectors make the scanning process slow, due to this, it is not possible to recover files from an external hard drive having bad sectors by using any application. But it is not true, you can restore data from hard drive with bad sectors by using external hard drive recovery software with utmost ease. This software can also recover MacBook hard drive on HFS+ and HFSX. Click here to get more information about the recovery of MacBook hard drive.

    Formatting an external hard drive is quite common. But before formatting, it is always advised to take proper backup of important files and folders. Sometimes users accidentally format their external hard drive without taking the proper backup. For all users across the world who lost their important files and folders due to formatting external hard drive, just use external hard drive recovery application to recover files and store it effectively. With the help of this application, it is easy to restore hard drive partition that has been formatted accidentally.

    The external hard drive recovery software is also used to recover lost files from the hard disk drive. Improper system shutdown occurs due to power failure or fluctuations corrupts the MBR (master boot record). As we all know MBR is necessary for proper booting of an operating system, when it gets corrupted the operating system fails to load, hence you may not be able to boot your computer. However, you can comfortably restore lost data from Hitachi hard drive after MBR corruption in just a few steps.

    External hard drive recovery software works compatibly on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems and it supports data recovery on Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, SanDisk, Transcend, Iomega and on various brands of the external hard drive. The advanced algorithm scans the entire external hard drive and identifies files on the basis of their unique extension.

    It can also restore files from WD hard drive after MFT corruption in just a few clicks. Visit this link to get detailed information about WD hard drive recovery.

    Steps to recover files from external hard drive:

    Step (i): On the welcome window, choose “Recover Partitions/Drives”, as shown in Fig A. Then, select “Partition Recovery” option.

    Recover Data From External Hard Drive - Home Screen

    Fig A: Welcome Window

    Step (ii): Choose your external hard drive from a list of drives, as shown in Fig B, and click on “Next”.

    Recover Data From External Hard Drive - Select Portable Hard Disk

    Fig B: Choose External Hard Drive

    Step (iii): Upon the completion of scanning, the software displays a list of retrieved files, as shown in Fig C.

    Recover Data From External Hard Drive - Recovered Files List

    Fig C : List of Retrieved Files

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