How to Recover Data from Damaged Seagate Hard Drive?



Is your Seagate hard drive is corrupted and inaccessible? Want to extract files from damaged Seagate hard drive? Then, download the free trial version of My Hard Drive Recovery software to recover files from corrupted Seagate hard drive and preview the recovered files for free before saving. Try now!!!


"Yesterday, when I tried to access data from my Seagate HDD an error displayed saying I need to format the drive before I use it. Soon after this error, I started querying about this error and realize it is due to damaged hard drive. Anyhow, now my worry is how to recover data from damaged Seagate hard drive? Can anyone take me out of this situation?"

First let me ask you something, are you familiar with a brand named Seagate? Your answer should be probably yes, because it is one of the most famous brands among the computer peripherals and storage devices. As the biggest supplier of digital storage in the world, Seagate dedicates more effort in the external hard drive industry. It provides high quality external hard drives ranging different storage capacities for companies and ordinary people. Anyhow, having all these advantages, the Seagate external hard drive owners can't avoid the data loss disaster which happens due to known and unknown reasons.

Seagate hard drives are fast, reliable, and portable also has the ability to store huge amount of data like photos, songs, movies, games, applications etc. Seagate hard drive has many advantages compared to other hard drives. For example these drives can protect your data and privacy using sophisticated data protection techniques. You can flexibly work on both Windows and Mac platforms using this device. However, the problem of data loss is not free from even these high end external hard drives. If you are one such Seagate user who has lost all data, then you don’t need to get disappointed as you can recover Seagate hard drive data with the help of an advanced and highly recommended utility called Hard Drive Recovery software. This ultimate tool can recover hard drive data on Mac as well as on Windows desktop and laptop PCs

How Seagate hard drive may get damaged?

  • File System Corruption: If the file system of your Seagate hard drive gets corrupted due to one or the other reason, then the drive becomes inaccessible and probably you will lose data stored on it.
  • Virus Attack: If your Seagate hard disk gets severely infected by deadly viruses or other malicious programs, then you may lose files from it or the entire drive get damaged which leads to complete data loss.
  • Bad sectors: Bad sector is the damaged or inaccessible storage space. So, if your Seagate drive contains more number of bad sectors on it, then it results in corrupt hard drive.
  • Other Reasons: There are more causes due to which hard drive may get damaged and you may lose data from it such as improper formatting, aged drive, wrong usage, power surge, and so on.

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software to Recover Data from Damaged Seagate Hard Drive

No matter whatever might be the reason behind damaged Seagate hard drive, you can recover data from it with the use of Hard Drive Recovery software. This well known utility has ability to retrieve Seagate hard drive data with utmost ease. This software enables you to recover lost files from Seagate SATA drive, IDE drive and SCSI drive along with file names. It not only recovers data from damaged or corrupted hard drive but also from formatted Seagate hard drive on Windows and Mac machines

Moreover, with this application you can also restore hard drive partitions which are deleted due to some known or unknown reasons. This software has potential to recover lost or deleted files of different types like images, video clips, text files, documents, EXE files, Zip archives and more. It supports Western Digital hard drive recovery as well as all other brands of hard drives like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, etc. Using this promising app, you can recover files from USB drive, memory cards, Firewire drive, etc., on all popular versions of Windows and Mac OS based systems.


Instructions to Recover Data from Damaged Seagate Hard Drive:

Step 1: After installing the software, launch it. On the main window, choose "Recover Drives" option as shown in Figure 1. Then, from the next  screen select "Partition Recovery" option to retrieve data from corrupted Seagate hard drive .

Recover Data from Damaged Seagate Hard Drive - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Now, choose your damaged Seagate hard drive from a list of detected drives, as shown Figure 2, and then click on "Next" button.

Restore Files from Damaged Seagate Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select Damaged Seagate hard drive

Step 3: Upon the completion of scanning process, the software displays a list of restored files as shown in Figure 3.

Data Recovery from Damaged Seagate Hard Drive - Recovered Files List

Figure 3: List of Recovered Files

Step 4: Finally, save the recovered files to any healthy drive as shown in figure 4 by purchasing full version of this hard drive recovery tool.

How Can I Retrieve Data from corrupted Seagate hard drive - Save Retrieved Data

Figure 4: Save Recovered Data


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