Restore Windows 8 Hard Drive Data


  • Microsoft Windows OS are most popular among computer users. In the series of Windows OS, Windows 8 is latest operating system with lot of ultimate features. However, data loss crisis can also happen with Windows 8 users. You may lose your valuable files from computer hard drive after several data loss issues. If you are a Windows 8 user and have lost or deleted files from hard drive then you must employ Recover My Hard Drive software to regain hard drive data on Windows 8. It is the best software recommended by industry experts and computer professionals to perform Windows 8 hard drive recovery. Software retrieves hard drive data not only on Windows 8 but also on all its earlier versions like Windows 7/XP/Vista etc.

    Whatever the Windows version you are using, data loss problems are same. Hard drive formatting, accidental partition deletion or partition loss, hard drive failure, emptying Recycle Bin folder, virus infection, damaged file system structure, abrupt system shutdown, software malfunction etc are some common data loss scenarios responsible for hard drive data loss on Windows 8 computer. Let we have a look on situations when you lose data from hard drive. Mostly user attempt to format hard drive without keeping proper backup of essential data after that they lose all files. Similarly, if you format or delete hard drive partition accidently or intentionally, you will lose whole data. Sometime, hard drive data get delete due to any interruption during managing hard drive partition size with Windows Disk Management Utility. After such accidents, you can recover hard drive partition data by using Recover My Hard Drive software within few mouse clicks.

    On Windows computer, whatever you delete, get store in Recycle Bin folder from where you can restore deleted data. If you delete any file by using Shift-Delete key combination, it results in permanent deletion as deleted file bypass the Recycle Bin folder. Virus infection is another very common factor responsible for data loss from hard drive. Hard drive boot sector contains a program file that is use for loading OS when turn on computer. Virus program may corrupt hard drive boot sector after that it becomes necessary to format hard drive. Sometime, you may lose some essential files from hard drive due to abrupt system shutdown while processing those files. Third party tool like antivirus program may also leads to file deletion from hard drive. However, you need not to worry as you can effortlessly reclaim corrupted hard disk data after several corruption issues.

    This software comes with ability to restore deleted data from hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, flash drives, iPods and from other storage device on Windows 8. Additionally, software enables you to perform hard drive data recovery on Mac computers. Software regains all type of files along with photos, audios, videos, PPT, Excel sheets etc from hard drive. You have to follow only few easy steps and you will get complete data deleted or lost from hard drive. This software is capable of recovering files from hard drive after Windows 10 update within few mouse clicks.

    Steps to recover Windows 8 Hard drive:

    Step1: Download and Install free trial version of My Hard Drive Recovery Software in your computer.

    Step2: After Launching Recover My Hard drive software, main window will be displayed as shown in figure 1. From the main window, select "Recover Drives" option.

    Windows 8 Hard Drive Recovery - Main Window

    Figure 1: Main Window

    Step3: Now select the Physical hard drive from which data need to be recovered and click on "Next" and soon after clicking scanning process will start

    Windows 8 Hard Drive Recovery - Select Drive

    Figure 2: Select Drive

    Step4: After scanning process is completed, list of recovered files will be displayed. You can preview the recovered data using File type view. Now use the "Preview" option to view the recovered data.

    Windows 8 Hard Drive Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

    Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

    Step5: The "Save Recovery" option allows you to save scanned data. If you are fully satisfied with the recovery results, you can purchase the My Hard Drive Recovery Software then you activate the tool to recover previously scanned loaded session.

    Windows 8 Hard Drive Recovery - Save Recovered Data

    Figure 4: Save Recovered Data