Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery



  • Are you the one who looking to recover files from accidentally formatted WD hard drive? Great, you reached at the right place, because here you will get complete assistance to recover Western Digital hard drive. Most effective and easiest approach to restore files and folders from formatted WD hard drive is using hard disk recovery software. It is an advanced recovery tool specially developed to recover lost data from Western Digital hard drive. Recover My Hard Drive software is available for both Windows and Mac based OS.

    Generally, users format their Western Digital hard drive to fix minor errors. Before formatting WD hard disk, it is always advised to take the backup of precious files. Backup file help you to restore back the lost data afterwards. But, in most of the cases users unintentionally format their WD hard drive without taking backup of important files and folders. For all the WD hard drive users over the globe, who lost data after formatting WD hard drive without the backup file, can use Recover My Hard Drive tool which definitely help you to recover Western Digital hard drive. Using this application you can restore lost data from laptop after system restore and from computer HDD’s in few simple mouse clicks.

    Apart from accidental or intentional formatting of the WD hard drive, many other reasons are there that forces user to perform this operation. Whenever any sort of virus attacks on your WD hard drive, your system responds slowly and shows abnormal behavior. At this certain point, user take help of anti-virus program to remove virus infection, but if the infection is severe then the only option left to remove these viruses is formatting of the Western Digital hard drive. After such instance the only question comes in user minds that at this point of time how to recover Western Digital hard drive data after formatting operation? The perfect answer for this question is Recover My Hard Drive software which also allows you to retrieve hard disk with bad sectors which are created due to frequent system shut down because of improper power supply. To get more information about it, visit this link http://www.recovermyharddrive.org/bad-sectors.html

    Formatting a WD hard drive never erases the files and folders permanently; it just removes the address pointers and marks the particular space free to store new files. The actual files and folders stored in Western Digital hard drive there until it get overwritten with new data. Recover My Hard Drive software performs deep scanning to recover Western Digital hard drive data in just a few steps. The advanced recovery algorithms of this application help you to recover Hitachi Desktop hard disk after MBR corruption in few easy steps and apart from Hitachi; this software supports other hard drive brands as well.

    There are many other reasons, due to which user has to format the WD hard drive and those results in data loss. But you don’t have to worry at all, as you have Recover My Hard Drive tool with you and in addition it facilitates user to get back files from crashed hard drive in couple of mouse clicks.


    Carry out few simple steps to recover files from formatted WD hard drive:

    Step i : Launch free demo version of the software, on the home window, select "Recover Partitions/Drives", as illustrated in Fig A. Then on next window, select "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option to proceed further.

    Recover Western Digital Hard Drive - Welcome Screen

    Fig A : Home Window

    Step ii : Select your formatted WD hard disk from a list of drives, as illustrated in Fig B, and click on "Next" to proceed further.

    Recover Western Digital Hard Drive - Select Hard Drive

    Fig B : Choose WD Hard Disk

    Step iii : Upon the completion of scanning, the software displays a list of retrieved files from formatted WD hard disk drive, as illustrated in Fig C.

    Recover Western Digital Hard Drive - Recovered Files

    Fig C : List of Retrieved Files


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